Yacht service Dubai

Yacht Cleaning Services

Jamal Mohammad Yacht Services provides Cleaning, Installation, and maintenance service for yachts and boats of all sizes. Our Yacht Services serves the Nakheel Marina yachting and boating community.

Our Professional Yacht Cleaning Team:

  • Well-Trained and Experienced Boat and Yacht Cleaners
  • We have skillful divers at your service.
  • Licensed and Experienced Captain /Inshore Power Yacht Skipper (ISSA).
Our Matchless Offers:
  • We offer inclusive services of boat/yacht cleaning to our valuable customer.
  • We have customer support system that coordinates and report to the boat owners as if they have a personalized crew.
  • Our team will service and treat our customers with respect and dedication no matter what the work is.  
  • We are pro-active and will be loyal to Port Rashid activities and projects and will give the best service to our customer and give them an exciting experience in this Marina.
External yacht cleaning Dubai

External yacht cleaning

External yacht cleaning is done with biodegradable yacht cleaning materials. Dubai Yacht Services cleans exterior dirt, stain, marine soap/shampoo wash, yacht dusting mobbing & drying, vacuuming seats, carpets and other upholstery, exterior manual metal polishing, rust removal and exterior yacht cleaning & drying of boat cover/upholstery done. It is essential to give more attention on cleaning yacht exterior which grabs guests with the flawless, shiny appearance.

Interior yacht cleaning Dubai

Interior yacht cleaning

Interior yacht cleaning needs utmost care, our team images the interior yacht as unfurnished and cleans every corner of your yacht. Without using alkaline, bleach or other harmful cleaning substances we choose cleaning kit in account of materials used in yacht. We do interior dirt/stain removal using specialized techniques leaving the interior as new and untouched. After dusting, mobbing, vacuuming, disinfection, yacht detailing done to make sure for the stew what to find and where to find.

Under water yacht cleaning

under water yacht cleaning

Dubai Yacht Services does under water yacht cleaning without harming the ocean organisms. We cleans propellers, shafts, struts, trim tabs, rudders, transducers, insect zincs and most the rust which eats your yacht surface. Cleans the water line, from boot trip to hard chine, 2 feet down till where you can’t find any chine. Thorough hull cleaning, from top of the boot stripe to the bottom of the keel. Dubai Yacht Services cleans in such a way the yacht that your guest can’t find that it is already used and cleaned for reuse.

Yacht Deep cleaning services

Yacht Deep cleaning services

Dubai Boat Cleaning Service is strict to avoid acid based cleaning materials. All crew on-board must maintain green only yacht policy to avoid over head cost for cleaning services. In respect to ocean creatures and our customer’s ocean fantasy yacht cleaning services always use uncompromised bio-degradable cleaning materials. We are experts in final detailing where only cotton buds and tooth-picks can fit. After the inspection and confirmation of chief stew, on cleaning, we off-board from yacht.

Dubai Yacht Services cleans from crew mess to ocean mess did to your prestigious Yacht

other service

other service

Dubai Yacht Services offers other service like inboard / outboard engine room cleaning, boat re-fuelling, engine re-starting, complete teak deck cleaning and treatment, external stainless steel polishing and many more cleaning services on customer’s request. Our well-trained technicians work under time-bound repair and refit requirements, marine paint works, insurance repairs and mechanical overhauls with full equipped boatyard tooling.

Our Yacht Services offers a full range of boat services including:

Yacht cleaning service Dubai


The question is not “do I need yacht care?” but “which services offer the best solutions for my needs?” Explorer Yacht Services is a leading independent yacht care company offering unparalleled services to international clientele as well as the local yacht fleet. We are available 24/7 to provide the essential support that makes the whole yachting experience a success.

Boat cleaning service Dubai

yacht care services includes:

Periodic maintenance, onboard mechanical support and annual haul outs project management for new builds or refits routine and emergency technical and operational support safety and security financial administration including insurance, contractor payments and brokerage pre-purchase and pre-sale inspections charter management crew selection and recruitment

Hull cleaning

Turn-key solutions: Out of time? Out of Province?

Weekly, Monthly wash downs real time or digital monitoring solutions quarterly reporting and budgeting liaison with sub-contractors to best represent your needs cruising itineraries and supplies securing fuel, provisions and berthing arrangements at competitive prices captain and crew services complete concierge services

Scuba diver


We give completely scuba diving solutions with professional scuba diver with sky standard equipment. our scuba diver will ​give u satisfactory in job what we do. we are proud to service in Nakheel Marina and Dubai Marina and Jumeirah. We currently maintain over 600 yacht in above mentioned areas. we are the one the one leading yacht service Specialist in the G.C.C. by partnering with the best international brand equipment, providing enhanced services, reliability and professionalism.